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We are pleased you stopped by. Here at

Heart of the Ozarks German Shepherds,

it is truly our desire to make your puppy

buying experience as pleasant as

possible. We are located in the

mountains of Newton County Arkansas,

one of the most beautiful places you will

ever see! That's our opinion of course. 

Our family fell in love with the German

Shepherd breed about ten years ago.Like

lot of you, one of our kids, our oldest

son, wanted a German Shepherd puppy.

Little did we know that his desire for a

German Shepherd puppy would change

our lives in such an amazing way like

it has. It all started when the beauty pictured came into our lives. She was such a good dog, so obviously we had to have another one. The gentleman we got her from told us, "You

will own her for about six months, and then she will own you."

He was absolutely correct! If you have ever owned a German Shepherd then you will

know exactly what he was saying. If you don't understand the statement he made, we would love to be the ones to help you out with that.


We are a small, family-run operation, which truly just enjoys the breed. We live on sixty acres in the Ozark Mountains, so our dogs have plenty of room to run and have fun.

We as a family interact with the dogs every day. Everyone has their part.  If you decide to purchase a German shepherd puppy we hope you will do the same. We have raised three kids with all our shepherds and they make excellent guardians. The German 

Shepherd truly has a desire to please and to be involved in your life. They are so diverse in their capabilities, there aren't too many things they can't do. We really stress to our new puppy parents to please let your puppy be involved in your lives and work with them daily.

If you will commit to being involved with your new puppy, you won't make a better investment for you and your family. If you are ready to own one of the best dog breeds

ever please give us a call and let us help you start your new journey with your new best friend.






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